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Pollution is a major issue in our lives. We cannot wish it away. Today’s victims are yesterday’s healthy people. They could tolerate lower pollution levels of the past, but succumbed to present day increased pollution levels. Tomorrow, it may be the turn of today’s healthy people who will not be able to tolerate higher pollution levels of the future.  What can we do?

Stop the pollution. Yes, but can individuals make much difference to the pollution levels?


If the medicine route is chosen, be prepared to live with increased doses, because pollution is bound to increase.What is the solution?Strengthen the body’s internal defenses with good nutrition. When it comes to respiratory system (RS), it is easier said than done, because of the following special features of the RS.

How To Ensure The Supply of Protein Required To Protect Us Against Respiratory Diseases:

  1. Eat 1 gram of good quality protein for each kilogram of body weight
  2. The storage space in the body for protein is very limited. Therefore, it is wise to divide the day’s protein quota equally among all meals
  3. Protein in the Indian diet comes mainly from grains and milk, both of which have very high calories per gram of protein. So it may be difficult to fulfill the protein quota with these sources alone, on our present day calorie restricted diets. This inadequate protein in our diets may be as big a cause or even bigger than the toxic air, for our breathing problems
  4. So if we want to protect ourselves from breathing disorders, we must pay as much attention to protein in our diet, as to the air pollutants

Some Protein Sources That Blend Well With The Vegetarian Diet of Indians Is As Follows:

  1. Meal replacement supplements
  2. Paneer made at home from fat free milk
  3. Til oil cake
  4. Nuts and oilseeds in limited quantity
  5. Hemp seeds
  6. Spirulina

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