Are You Insulin Resistant?

Insulin Resistance Self-Test

If you have, or have ever had any three of the following, you are likely to be Insulin Resistant.

  • A family history of diabetes, overweight problems, abnormal cholesterol or triglycerides, or heart disease
  • Frequent cravings for sweet or salty, crunchy snack food
  • The need to eat often or eat excessive amounts of food
  • A difficult time losing weight even if you exercise or cut amounts of food
  • A problem with weight loss, even when eating small amounts of food
  • Weight gain mostly around your waist
  • A history of irregular menstrual periods, especially skipping months
  • A history of polycystic ovarian disease
  • High triglyceride levels
  • Low HDL cholesterol (“good” cholesterol) levels, that is, lower than 35mg/dl
  • High LDL cholesterol (“bad” cholesterol) levels, that is, higher than 130mg/dl
  • High or borderline blood pressure—even during pregnancy
  • The feeling that you are addicted to carbohydrates
  • The feeling that you have no willpower when it comes to dieting
  • Jitteriness, difficulty thinking, headaches, or nausea that goes away when you eat
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Afternoon fatigue
  • Type II diabetes, borderline diabetes, or abnormal glucose tolerance tests—even just during pregnancy
  • High uric acid or gout
  • History of having a blood clot in your legs, lungs, or brain
  • A doctor telling you that you need to eat less in order to lose weight, yet those close to you are amazed at how little you eat
  • The belief that you are at least thirty pounds overweight
  • A Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or higher