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By admin / September 7, 2018

One in 4 at risk of chronic diseases due to lack of exercise: WHO report

Time of India,Dated- 6th Sep 2018. Lack of sufficient exercise will put one in four people across the world at...

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By admin / January 12, 2016

Set a goal for sustainable weight loss

Fit4Life gives you some simple measures that make your weight loss goals concrete, congruent and sustainable! Sustainable weight loss happens...

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By admin / January 4, 2016


NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS!!! One hears it all the timewith health and weight amongst the highest on the priority list of...

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By admin / January 2, 2016

Beta Cells -Preserve them for a lifetime of health

Beta cells are cells that are located in the pancreas. They produce insulin which regulates blood sugar. From the Beta...

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By admin / December 29, 2015

Fit4Life Mobile App and its benefits

Thanks to the prevalence of Lifestyle Diseases (LSDs) on an epidemic scale, most of us are preoccupied with controlling the LSD...

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By admin / December 18, 2015

Lifestyle Diseases (LSDs)

LSDs have become the biggest financial drain on families as well as severely affecting the quality of life; more so...

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By admin / December 10, 2015


These days, it has become a fashion to blame the stress for whole lot of ills and worse is, attribute...

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By admin / December 7, 2015

After the Weekend

The weekend and the partying is over. The challenge is how to get rid of all those extra calories that...

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By admin / December 4, 2015

Party the healthy way

The weekend is here heralding the party time. The following tips will help you enjoy the parties and not get...

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By admin / December 1, 2015

Getting back into shape after weekend bingeing.

Now that the weekend with all that partying is over, it’s time to get back to shape after bingeing. If...

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By admin / November 26, 2015

Protect yourself from alcohol induced weight gain

Alcohol sabotages weight loss. But it cannot be wished away as it is a fact of life for many. So...

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