Deepika Chalasani

Co-founder, Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist
Fit For Life

deepika-after “First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination”. Napoleon Hill

My Childhood

A large part of my growing up years has been spent in boarding schools and college hostels. I have always been the thin person right from my childhood.  Physical activity and access to tasty and junk food was very little, expect for vacations that were spent at home and occasional holidays. I would always return to school/college as a well-fed child and I would also put on some extra kilos.

As I did not lead a very physically active life, my weight gain was steady and ample. It was evident that since my childhood weight gain didn’t show, as my food intake and physical activity was conducive to being thin.

My Corporate Life

At 26 I entered the corporate world, after completing my Masters & a Management Degree in Human Resources from one of the prestigious universities in India. I was raring to get a foothold into the industry and establish my identity. Like anybody else who starts working, I earned money much more compared to my pocket money. Opportunities such as weekend parties and the mid-night buffets, stepping out of the office for a quick bite, birthday celebrations, farewell parties, parties without any reasons and of course the short coffee/tea breaks at work with colleagues became abundant and chances of physical activity also reduced dramatically. Deadlines got aggressive, and the need to succeed with competition at the workplace intensified, health and weight became my last priority.

Marriage and Children

In my next phase of life marriage came, and like any girl who would want to fit into a new way of life & mould herself into her in-laws ways, I too, adapted into a new lifestyle and environment. I would never fuss or say no when I was offered new food as the “new bride”.

At 30 I was expecting a baby and people were always offering and making my favourite food and pampering me. This also happened while I was travelling for work with my women colleagues.

With a lifestyle like this, I eventually gained weight, from 60-63 kgs. to a whopping 94 kgs at 31. I assumed that like any other woman who puts on weight during pregnancy, I would naturally lose it after delivery. However, a rude shock came after 7-8 months after delivery, I was still 85-86 kgs.

That’s when I realized, the weight is here to stay and to lose it I have to do something about it.  To make matters worse, I was always taunted and reminded of my family genes – All the women weigh 90+ kgs and I should get used to this weight.

The only hope I saw was my Dad’s transformation – from an overweight/obese man for all his life, at 60 years he lost 15 kgs and successfully transitioned into a healthy and active lifestyle. He suddenly changed from a lethargic man to the one who jogs/runs every morning. I was determined that if he could lose weight with the same family genes, I could too. My father qualified himself as a nutritionist and gave me a lot of insights into nutrition and its impact on family genes.

My Transformation begins

Under my father’s guidance, I too started a nutrition program. I could see fantastic results in increased energy, feeling light, comfortable and satiated.  My weight loss would also happen constantly and consistently. But because of my work and home lifestyle, I would always break the program and go back to my old random and unhealthy eating habits.

My mother is a Herbalife distributor, she too had gone through a fantastic transformation. From being in bed for 3 years due to aging related issues, I saw her move around and do all house hold chores. I saw her transform people’s lives using herbalife. Inspired by the results I saw, I decided to use Herbalife to lose weight and was amazed by the fantastic results. Though I got fantastic results,I was not able to sustain it either for weight loss. Since herbalife is good nutrition, I decided to use it for good health and got fantastic results in terms of immunity, good health and fantastic energy levels.

Since, I was determined to solve my weight problem, I enrolled myself into slimming centers, tried diet fads that were popular, experimented on my own based on my research, went to dieticians in the city, enrolled into gyms and did extensive exercises to lose weight. I was able to lose weight sometimes (about 5 to 6 kgs.), however I would bounce back in the next couple of months as I could not sustain the rigorous program.

So the 30’s went by, trying to fix my weight but with limited weight loss and no sustained success. At 39, the weight issues translated to health issues with all the family genes “related issues” started to show up.

Still in the quest and not giving up with a belief that “I am sure, there are easy ways to lose weight and that weight loss can be sustainable. I chanced upon Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, “Neuro Linguistic Programming” and other mind and body processes like “Access Consciousness”. I started to use it for myself and it was simple to understand and follow – since I came from a Behavioral Assessment background. The encouraging results got me excited about certifying myself in all these areas.

The revelation for me was, that I was not the only person who had challenges in these areas, there were many more people like me. As per statistics, 99% of the people who are overweight or obese people are not able to sustain the weight loss and I feel elated to know that I belong to the 1% of the world population to have lost weight and sustained the weight loss.

I started to help people around me informally. Encouraged by these results, I certified myself in Nutrition, Weight Management and Lifestyle Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neuro Linguistice Programming, Energy Transformation System – Access Consciousness and I continue to certify myself in fields of nutrition and the mind – psychology, neurology etc.

At 42 years, I hover between 68–70 kgs and my weight even after a long vacation never goes over 71 kgs. As per research world over, fluctuating up to 2 kilos is perfectly normal as body weight is a result of a lot of factors including water, undigested food in the intestinal tract etc.  I wear clothes sizes that I wore when I was 27 years. My skin looks youthful as ever and don’t show the signs of ageing at all. I have been able to reverse all the age related issues that came as “family genes”. Everybody who sees me today, says that I look just the same as I was in college. I am happy to say that I belong to that elite 1% of the world population who has lost over 15 kgs and have kept it off.  The best part of the whole process is that the journey has been with fun, easy and comfortable. All this has been possible with practical nutrition, combined with mind & body processes that are scientifically designed and sustainable.

Reach out to Fit For Life, if you want to lose weight, sustain it, reverse ageing related issues or just want to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.