Rama Devi

Co-founder, Counsellor
Fit For Life


I was an active lady in my 20’s and for most of my 30’s, with ideal weight and health parameters. We used to live in the tea gardens of Assam as my husband worked there. My lifestyle included managing a house that had 10-acres of land attached to it. It also had expansive kitchen gardens that required a lot of work. To add to it all, I played tennis and golfed at least 3 to 4 times a week!

Towards the late 30’s, while my health and weight parameters were still ideal for a woman of that age, I started feeling tired towards the end of the day and slowly started developing pains in my legs, which over a period of time, became quite unbearable. My health reports were normal. The vitamin supplements that the doctors prescribed did not help. The fatigue and pains continued and in-fact, got worse.


During my 40’s, we moved to the city to set up a business. My lifestyle went through a change. I stopped playing sports due to lack of time and the opportunities were not as abundant as earlier. My body pains and fatigue continued.

To make things worse, I started developing digestive related conditions. I would frequently experience dysentery and constantly feel bloated.  My energy levels reduced even more. I wasn’t able to work for long periods of time. All the tests were normal and medically, there was nothing wrong.

By 48, from being an active lady, I became someone who was able to work a couple of hours a day at the most. The medically prescribed vitamin supplements and the popular women energy drinks did not help either. At 50, I got to the stage of being in bed all the time with absolutely no energy. The worst part was that this was happening for no apparent reason.


It was at that time, after trying all medical remedies and the popular remedies to improve my energy and reduce fatigue,that I was introduced to good nutrition in the form of herbalife. In about a couple of days, I slowly started regaining my energy. I was able to move around the home for a longer period of time. In the span of a month, I was able to move around completely through the day without any fatigue. The high point at that point of time (with just over a month of using it), was that I was able to go along with my relatives to Golconda fort and walk around without experiencing energy loss.

My husband was extremely happy with my result. However, as a precautionary measure, he did a thorough study about the product. Looking at the live examples of success right in front of him, my husband decided to study nutrition.

I got back all my energy levels, for the past 14 years, I have been leading a healthy and active lifestyle. I work comfortably through the day without experiencing any energy loss.  At 64, after 14 years of following a nutrition filled diet that includes herbalife supplements and some homemade delicacies, I am able to run my health centre without experiencing any kind of fatigue. A majority of my days now span between 16 to 18 hours.

I was recently diagnosed with diabetes as it runs in my family – most of my relatives got it themselves between the age group of 40 and 50. My husband (now a qualified nutritionist) altered my nutrition plan to suit my medical conditions. I am happy to say that with very medical condition, I have been able to contain diabetes just by altering my nutrition and lifestyle habits.