Subba Rao

Co-founder, Chief Nutritionist
Fit For Life

“We have a health system that doesn’t care for nutrition and a food system that doesn’t care for health”.


My mother was obese by Indian standards. Normal middle class food had filled her up completely! My father, on the other hand, was lean, despite the multiple number of cups of full cream he ate (to douse his painful gastric ulcers). To add to my misinformation, he attributed his leanness to his active lifestyle.

I started my job at a tea estate, with a firm belief that I could eat to my heart’s content and stay fit thanks to my physical activity, which was definitely more than my father’s. This over indulgence automatically gifted me a pot belly at the age of 30. For the next 30 years, I oscillated between bouts of dieting and hunger induced overeating. I also added Golf and Tennis to my outdoor tea plantation lifestyle to counter the increasing bulk. My weight used to oscillate from normal to excess depending on what was more successful – dieting or over eating! But irrespective of the weight, the pot belly continued to increase – in varying rates of speed. Thus, at the age of 60, I was 94 kgs. with a belly size that started affecting even my shirt size.


The health check that was routinely done by me for the past 40 year revealed that all the parameters were excellent except for the fact that the triglycerides levels were slightly high (at 180). I was happy to learn that all was well and to further look after my health, I added sprouts to my diet and cut down on fatty foods. My wife added her bit to this ‘healthy eating’ by monitoring my oil consumption. Even though these methods did not entirely help, they thankfully did not increase the levels.

Shortly after my 60th birthday, that is about 20 years after I was diagnosed with slightly high levels of triglycerides, I was hit with a miracle! I managed to shed 20 kgs of my weight by using Herbalife supplements and leading an active and healthy lifestyle. Soon after, I won a Gold medal in Senior Citizens category in the first Hyderabad 10K run. Enthused by this and by my slim figure, I continued to jog for 3 kms and do a brisk walk for 6 kms, every single day for the next 5 years. I had to stop this abruptly because I was diagnosed with a heart problem that needed a bypass. The blood tests that followed showed normal cholesterol levels and TGs levels slightly high at 200. My cardiologist’s explanation was that the cholesterol levels are normal. He also said that getting a bypass done is also normal at the ripe old age of 60. This raised the following questions:

  1. Am I old at 60?
  2. If I survive for another 25-30 years as my both parents did, am I to live like a vegetable for rest of the life with the so called ‘old age’ degenerative diseases?


These questions kept plaguing me and to answer them, I became a nutritionist. I was extremely happy that I did that, because at the age of 74, I am able to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. My typical day starts at 4 a.m. and ends at 10 p.m. Quite recently, I cycled 800 kilometers over a 10 day period in the Telengana region, educating the common man about good and healthy nutrition. Today, I go to the gym for a healthy workout and I’m able to indulge in my favorite foods without feeling guilty or getting worried about my parameters. My visits to doctors and hospitals are limited to a regular health check up and all my parameters are now well within the range. A while ago,when my fasting blood sugar level crept up to 121, I did not have to hear that diabetes is “normal in old age”. Instead, I could bring it down to below 100 just by modifying my nutrition.

I am happy to say that I belong to that elite 1% of the world population who has lost over 15 kgs and have kept it off.

At an individual level, we cannot do much about our health system. But everyone can eat better to be healthy and stay Fit For Life!

We will be happy to help you transition to an active and healthy lifestyle with ease, as we combine practical nutrition and scientifically designed mind and body processes to help achieve your individual desired goals!