Targeted Nutrition


I am Srinivas, 40 years old. I work for a bank and have over 15 years of experience. About 9 years back, I was diagnosed with diabetes and a year back I also started experiencing blood pressure issues. When I came to Fit For Life, my HbA1C was over 9 and I was also taking blood pressure medications. Within 3 months of using the nutrition recommended by Fit For Life and making the lifestyle changes recommended by them, my HbA1C has come down to 5.6 and I have stopped the blood pressure medication.

My doctor is very happy with my results. She has asked me to continue with “whatever I am doing”.


Rakesh Ratan Prasad

I am Rakesh, age 31. I have been working in the IT industry for close to 6 years. Because of the long working hours and lifestyle that I was leading; I gained 20 kgs and also developed gout. I came to Fit For Life as I had seen my friend’s family benefit from the nutrition plan recommended by Fit For Life. Within a week of starting the nutrition plan, my symptoms of gout vanished. The pain and discomfort in my toes disappeared. In two and half months, since I started on the program, I also lost over 8 kgs!



I am Sarala, 56 years old. I have been living with diabetes and blood pressure for over 15 years now. My son Rohit, initially went to Fit For Life for weight management, as he had seen his peers benefit from the programs recommended by them. Seeing him loose weight and re-shape well using good nutrition, me and my husband decided to explore nutrition for the medical conditions that I was experiencing.

At Fit For Life, they prescribed a set of medical tests, after which, they analyzed it from a nutrition standpoint. They gave me a nutrition plan to support my medicines and my medical conditions. When I went to them, my post lunch blood sugar levels were approx. 350 and fasting was around 140. After starting on their program, I experienced fantastic energy. I could now go for walks for longer periods. My fatigue disappeared and now I was able to do a lot more work through the day. Now my post meal blood sugar levels have come down to 150 and my fasting has reduced to 100. My husband has also changed his nutrition recommended by Fit For Life. He has regained his energy levels and lost the excessive weight. (Name Changed to protect the identity of the client)


Weight Management

Bhavesh (41) and Pramodhini (39)

Bhavesh and myself (Pramodhini) put on weight over the years due to our busy corporate schedules and to a great extent because of our ignorance. The excess weight over time caused us to feel lethargic at times, crave for food and we would also experience palpitations when climbing up stairs. We got the reference of Fit For Life from our friends and decided to explore nutrition and make changes to our lifestyle as we started feeling uncomfortable about our weight. At Fit For life, they checked our weight and fat parameters through the karada scan machine which gives information on body fat, BMI, BMR and muscle mass etc. They gave us a nutrition plan along with home recipes’ and supplements. They also guided us on eating out and how to manage our meals during celebrations or festivals.

As a result, we have been able to lose 10 kgs over a three and half month period. We have not gained weight even during festival period or celebration time and have been able to maintain the weight lost.  We get our karada scan check done during every visit and we are happy to see that our fat percentages are going down and muscle percentages are slowly inching up.  We feel light internally, our energy levels have gone up, our cravings have almost vanished. The signature recepies provided by Fit For Life are tasty and easy to make. We have also shared the recepies with our parents. They have also found it beneficial. My parents feel light and energetic and lost a little bit of weight. My mother-in-law’s sugar levels have reduced (from 180 to 120) and hence she has reduced her medication. (Name changed to protect the identity of the client)


Kunal Mehta

kunal-beforekunal-after ‘Life is all about the choices and the decisions we make’ – This is something a lot of us have heard in our younger days from either our parents or teachers or some elderly figure we came across. Choices and decisions are perhaps contenders of the top 10 most powerful words. Apart from these words there are a couple of more words that I’d like to bring to the reader’s attention commitment and faith. You must be wondering why am I blabbering about choices, decisions, commitment and faith here.

Although there is a thin line of difference between choice and decision, seldom do we think about the  difference. Well in a crux, decision for me is making up the mind and choice is one’s opportunity to choose. Fortunately for us it isn’t such a brain cracker between commitment and faith…..okay let me now take you directly into the meat of things.

Most of you are reading this purely because we’ve made some bad choices and taken some wrong decisions in the past….knowingly or unknowingly…….I happen to be one such individual as well. I used to laugh my excess weight off as sins of seven lives from the past….won’t leave me that easily. But then you slowly start realizing that you have trouble climbing stairs, tying your shoe laces, tucking your shirts, buying over-sized clothes to cover the flab (a few like to call them curves) and start giving yourself excuses for the way you look…..I over slept that’s why my face looks puffy, I just had a meal that’s why my stomach is bulging out, cotton tends to shrink over a period of time and all such stories.

It hits you hard when someone taps on your shoulder while you are belting that dark chocolate cake and hands you over a card that says ‘Fit For Life’(my story).

After the initial self-denials, I mustered courage to call the number. This was in the first week of April and its November now….in 7 months I lost 15 Happy Kilos…..why do I call them Happy Kilos? Simply because, I enjoyed the haleem season in Hyderabad  – completely, indulged in social gatherings and parties regularly, attended a couple of weddings and you know all that goes into it, did a week-long vacation to North India….I’m sure I don’t have to give you details about the palate teasers there and yet managed to shed 15 Kilos. I could have lost this weight in half the time but then they wouldn’t be Happy Kilos. They’d just be weight lost by being strict, extremely focused, give up on friends and family and make the weighing scale your new best friend. Believe me I’ve done this and I have lost 10 kilos in 40 days in the past….just that it comes back at the same pace.

So what worked for me? Trust me I have so many people asking me this question and this is when I go back to the first line of this scribble. Life is all about choices and I happen to make the right one this time.

I just had to make a choice – a right one and so a decision had to be made, to tie-up with ‘Fit For Life’ and by the looks of it, I guess I am ‘Tied for Life’ with this lifestyle. All I had to do was make a commitment to myself. A promise to be healthy, a promise to feel healthy, a promise to look good, a promise to love myself and most importantly a promise to keep all these promises. Yes, it’s easier said than done, I have derailed more than once and every time I’ve gone off-track I’ve come back stronger. Your initial days will be tough, let me not mince words here….they will be very tough – Why ? Simply because our body goes through a shock of systematic & healthy eating. It reacts, you term it as your tough period purely because your body wasn’t used to this new regime. Commit yourself for 10 days, go that extra mile for this period. Post your first 10 days of absolute commitment you will observe two things. 1) You’ve started losing weight 2) You feel lighter and more energetic.

Now let me share an incident. My mother once took me to an astrologer and he asked me to wear specific colors on specific days. When I asked him why, he simply said, have faith in me. Having faith in an unknown person that too in this educated ,fast paced society? I had a thousand questions already forming a long queue in my head. He asked me, do you know why villagers are better farmers than those who study agriculture and then get into it. It’s simply because they do what has been asked of them. A fool proof mechanism backed with their own stories of success. Don’t question, just follow. This is what I was expected to do. Surely I didn’t, rather I couldn’t. For me there has to be a logic and a reason for anything and everything I do. So why am I talking to you about this ?

When you deal with ‘Fit For Life’, there is this certain amount of faith you need to develop. I don’t say follow them blindly, but keep that half-baked, internet brewed knowledge at home when you interact them. At least for the first 10 days. Surely you’ll have questions, make a note of them and bring them to the table once you get into the ‘happy zone’. You will not be disappointed in the science that is shared with you behind everything that you’ve been asked to do, right from eating, drinking to sleeping. Their dedication in making you a healthy person is nothing but their faith in the system that they have developed. Faith they say is seeing with your heart when all that your eyes see is darkness. ‘Fit For Life’ will bring you out of the darkness surrounding you. Go on – Live Life the healthy way, be happy – be ‘Fit For Life’. Its been over 18 months now. I have been able to maintain the weight lost as I have been educated sufficiently on healthy active lifestyle



chandrakanth-before chandrakanth-afterI own a chain of salons in Hyderabad. I was overweight for a long time due to my hectic business schedule and lifestyle. Because of the weight and nutritional deficiencies, I also starting experiencing body aches and was feeling very lethargic. It was at time, I met a friend who lost considerable amount of weight and was looking good and also feeling energetic. He referred me to Fit For Life. One week into using the Fit For life nutrition, I started feeling energetic and also lost 2 kgs. Since the program, is easy to follow and I got fantastic results, I decided to continue with it. I lost 15 kgs over 6 months and I have been able to maintain the weight lost for over a year now.


Sudheer Gopidi

sudheer-before sudheer-afterI was looking for good nutrition and weight loss as my cholesterol levels were high that resulted in 70% blockage in my left artery. With a “simple to follow” nutrition program, I lost 10 kgs easily in 3 months. I monitored my muscle and fat percentages using “karada scan” machine on a weekly basis. I was happy to see that my fat percentages went down and my muscle mass inched up. I have been able to maintain my weight for an year now. I also lost 4 inches around my waist.


Vijayanti (age 58)

I saw my daughter Hetal get fantastic results from the Fit For life nutrition program. For the first she was able to loose 12 kgs of weight within 4 months and surprisingly she did not bounce back (even after 10 months). For the first time I saw her eating comfortably without being stressed about putting on weight. Fit For life gave her a nutrition plan and gave her some fantastic mind processes that helped her immensely to sustain the weight lost. Seeing the benefits of the program, I enrolled into it. When I went to Fit For life, my energy levels were low. I wasn’t able to do my basic house hold chores  apart from the regular overweight issues of heaviness, stiffness in my knees. Within a week of starting the program, which consisted of home foods and supplements, I started feeling energetic and was able to do my house hold chores very comfortably. Its been 5 months since I started on the program. I have lost 11 kgs and I am still loosing.  While, I am very happy with my weight loss, I am even more excited about my energy levels. In a recent temple trip, I was able to comfortably walk up 600 steps with my baggage without feeling tired or exhausted.   With the Fit For Life nutrition program, I am able to go about life  as normal as they have educated me adequately. I travel when I need to, I participate in family celebrations or functions without feeling stressed about my weight or food as I know what to eat and how to eat.


Dipti Mehta (age 42)

I was working for a long time in the corporate world before I decided to stay home focus on my family and children. The corporate life, pregnancies and family responsibilities took its toll on me in terms of weight gain. Apart from the weight gain, my skin and hair also lost its luster and shine over time. I tried several options at home to lose weight including extensive exercising but did not see any changes. During this time, I saw several friends and family losing weight after they consulted a nutritionist/dietician. While I was impressed with their results, I didn’t like the fact that their skin didn’t appear as healthy. Some of them also developed “crow feet” near their eyes and hence the options that they tried did not appeal to me. I was looking for a weight loss program that was healthy and it reflected in my total well being. I was also looking for a program that is flexible to my lifestyle needs.

It was at that time, I got to know about Fit For life. To my surprise, I realized that It was being run by Deepika. As we belong to a common social network, I would bump into her at times. The reason I decided to go ahead with Fit For Life is that I have seen Deepika “at her fattest self (I think she used to weigh in the 90s) several years back”. When I met her after many years in her office, I saw a transformed person. She was several sizes lesser. Her skin had a glow and looked healthy. Even after shedding so much weight, she did not appear to have any of the side effects of weight loss – sagging skin, crowfeet etc. and she promised to fit in a nutritional program to suit my lifestyle. I enrolled into the program (which comprised of recipes,  home foods, food diary, supplements etc.). I enrolled for the program last November. In 4 months, I lost 10 kgs and have maintained the weight loss ever since.I can see a lot of positive changes to my skin and hair as well after I started on their program. I enjoy following the program as it does not feel restrictive and since I am educated about the formula of healthy weight loss, I feel very empowered !!!

As she understands our mindsets and then recommends a program for us, I decided to send my son to her to help him transition into his boarding school life with ease. She worked on his mindset and limiting beliefs. Today he is comfortably settled at school.


Nitin Sharma

I was really fed up with weight gain and weight related issues due to the hazards of corporate life. My marketing role, made it more challenging. It was at that time, I was introduced to a nutrition program. Seeing the impressive testimonials, I also decided to enroll into the Fit For Life program. It was was really worth it. I started loosing the weight effortlessly with a simple nutrition program. The program suites my hectic lifestyle; I lost 7 kgs in 2 months and 14 kgs overall. Many other medical issues related to being overweight also went off. I have sustained the lost weight for a year now. Thank you Fit For Life!


Raashi Gupta

I consulted Deepika in January 2015 and was quite sceptical of loosing weight as I had earlier tried very many options however got no results. After meeting Deepika, I decided to give my weight loss goal another earnest try as I saw her amazing weight loss story and it was truly inspirational. She could relate with all the challenges that I was facing which, gave me additional comfort. Within 2 months of following Deepika, I lost 10 kgs without too much of an effort. Deepika has been extremely supportive and encouraging and would follow up regularly to ensure I’m completely motivated.

Following the regime was very easy for a person like me who spends 12 hours at work, this has really motivated me and helped me gain my confidence I would high recommend every individual to follow this program.

Thanks Deepika if it wasn’t you I wouldn’t have gained my confidence back.

Its been 10 months, since I lost 10 kgs and I am happy to say that I have not gained back any weight. Even If I travel out on work, I have been educated enough to eat correctly. Thanks for recommending the awesome mind processes that helped me loose weight and continue to help me sustain the weight. (Name changed to protect the identity of the client)


Digestive Health

Syed Rehman Fiaz

syed-fiyazI am a head fitness trainer with a leading chain of wellness centres. Deepika from Fit For Life is my client. She has been training under me for her fitness goals for over a year now. I have been impressed with her stamina and her post recovery after exercise. For her age (42 years), her fitness levels and strength is definitely is a cut above the rest. I have been experiencing digestive health disorders (bloateddness, flatulence etc.) for years now and hence decided to go to Fit For Life. Within a week of their recommended nutrition program that comprise of home cooked meals and supplements, I could see changes to my digestive health.


Bhavana Vyas

bhavanaI was suffering from stomach related ailments. I would feel stiffness in the abdomen and even pains nearly everyday. The doctors I went to were not able to diagnose the issue as my medical reports were normal. Over the last couple of years, I also lost weight due to these conditions. At Fit For life, made me go through some scientifically designed mind and body processes which helped me ease my conditions considerably. The stiffness in the abdomen and pains don’t occur now. I have also gained 3 kgs in 4 months.


Energy & Fitness

Renu Sabapathy

renuLittle did I know there was a panacea for a healthy well-being until few months ago. When I was introduced to Fit For Life, I have to admit, I had by then tried several options for a healthy lifestyle. By which I mean a solution, that helps my body get all desired nutrients, manage weight and most importantly keeps me energetic throughout the day, even after an intense workout. I work 15 hours a day, with little time to think about my food intake, forget about its nutritious value.

Today, I am a happy soul, I have got my answer – A simple to follow nutritional plan, comprising of home foods and supplements from Fit for Life! They made the program, keeping my lifestyle and my constraints in mind and that’s what I love about it. It has been close to six months, I am very happy with the result. I customize the plan to make it work for me as I have been educated on the right food and lifestyle strategies and I totally love it.

I finally feel relieved, that I can focus on my work better and not worry about my health. Some of the very serious side effects of a good nutritional program from Fit for life are healthy skin, periodic pain-free monthly cycle and importantly weight management to name a few.:)

As the saying goes, excellence is a habit, being consistent is the key, I occasionally binge on outside food, knowing that the supplements will create the balance of removing the toxins and bringing my body back in shape. Thank you Deepika and Fit For Life, Spread the joy..!



I am Nirmala, 45 years of age and a house wife.  Over the years, I developed chronic fatigue to the extent that I found it difficult to do my daily work which included my responsibilities at home, as a mother and wife. At times, I would avoid some basic work responsibility at home and at work and even avoid social occasions as I would experience chronic fatigue. I heard about Fit for Life and decided to explore the solution offered by them. I have tried many approaches for the fatigue but none of the solutions offered to me gave me benefits . They identified the issues I had, as issues with my digestive health and carbohydrate shocks. They made a nutrition plan that addressed these issues, their plan included home foods along with supplements and they also gave me timings to have my mini meals and big meals. Within a couple of days, I started to feel better and in a week. I could feel myself having more energy than in the last several years. It’s been six months now and I am happy to say that I was able to actively participate in all the social occasions with my family and have been able to go through the day without any fatigue.


Children’s Health


My daughter Kirti (15 years), had put on considerable weight over time as she was focusing on her intermediate studies. Her overweight condition led her to have other metabolic syndromes. Her medical tests indicated that her insulin levels both fasting and post meals are over the range of children of her age. Our doctor suggested that we take help of a nutritionist to loose weight. It was at that time, that we got to know about Fit For life. At Fit For Life, they customized a nutrition plan to suit my daughter’s college routine and her studies. In 3 months Kirti, lost 9 kilos. The medical tests done after 3 months were stunning. Her fasting insulin levels reduced from 33 to 7.4 and her post meal insulin levels reduced from 84 to 33. We are very happy with the results, our doctor is pleasantly surprised with Kirtis’ results as she hasn’t seen such a fantastic transformation. We thank Fit For Life for helping us.

Disclaimer: The above Testimonials are specific to individuals. The results may vary from person to person.