What we do

Holistic Solutions

We serve a broad range of clients who want to transition their life into a healthy active lifestyle. We reshape our client’s lifestyles to address their health concerns. We provide integrated solutions pertaining to wellness like Weight Management, Energy and Fitness, Digestive Health, Children’s Health, Nutrition related to Lifestyle Ailments and Metabolic Syndromes (Targeted Nutrition), Skin issues,
 etc., working both on the mind and the body.

We transition our clients to reach their desired goals seamlessly by using a range of mind & body processes and combine it with practical nutrition.

We believe that weight loss is ideal only when the client is able to increase or retain their muscle mass and reduce their fat percentages. We track the client’s parameters on a regular basis to help them get to their ideal parameters as per WHO standards. We also educate individuals to make their weight loss & health goals sustainable and make them independent.

Targeted Nutrition

We analyse medical reports from a nutrition stand point and provide a nutrition plan that supports the client’s medical conditions and parameters. Our carefully designed nutrition plans help our client’s medication work more effectively.

Western science with ancient Indian philosophy

We combine Western science with ancient Indian philosophy for optimal results. Our research data is from authentic sources (evidence based research) and hence enables clients to take sound decisions with respect to improving their health. This is supplemented further with integrated Neurology and Physiology (mind and body) using the Wellness Orbit Methodology. The programs and plans offered to our clients are healthy, safe and sustainable in the long term.

Digestive Health

Digestive Health does not perform optimally because of nutritional imbalances, food allergies, food intolerances, age related degeneration, stress etc. We help clients identify foods that improves their digestive health, supplements that reduce degeneration & even help reverse the ageing process. We also perform appropriate mind and body processes that help reduce stress.

A program that supports your lifestyle

Familiarity is the strongest human instinct and habit formation can start as early as in the womb or even earlier. Every client is  unique and so is their lifestyle, habits, preferences, comfort zones, needs and idiosyncrasies. Every client has a different equation with food and has a distinct adaptation strategy to transition into a new lifestyle. For e.g. some clients are early adapters while most others take their time to adopt. At Fit For Life, we carefully evaluate all the criteria and thereafter co-create a plan with you. Every client’s favourite foods are also incorporated into the program.

Transitioning seamlessly into a desired lifestyle

Most often it needs more than a decision to change a habit. Very often, as much as we like, we end up going back to our old habits and idiosyncrasies that we know are not good for us. The so-called “will power” does not hold-up beyond a few weeks or a few months. We use scientifically designed methodologies and modalities such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychology of Eating, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Energy Transformation Systems to make desired outcomes easy and long lasting.

Cravings Management

Cravings are a combination of nutritional deficiencies; carbohydrate shocks & emotional eating, stress eating, binge eating and other related eating disorders. We help clients with appropriate nutrition as well as required methodologies to overcome any dysfunctional eating disorder.

Motivation to exercise

When the body is in the fat storage mode, people are fatigued and lack energy. Yesterday’s food defines today’s energy levels. We provide clients with a good quality nutrition plan that helps clients have the required energy to start an exercise plan that suits them. We also help them with mindset related issues that prevent them from exercising.